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Our Team

Message From the Management:

Our company stands today not with the view of being a corporate giant or becoming a commercial commodity but with the view of supporting the Agrarian roots of this country. It is no secret how our economy and the larger part of our populace have always depended upon this lifestyle as means of their own livelihood. Our business today firmly stands behind the idea of returning quality to the root products of the Pakistani economy and ensure their quality in the long term. We do not shy away from the competition, rather we welcome it in its full and seek to grow with them.

In the ensuing days of this country’s economy, companies rooted in agricultural products like ours will need to stand firm and deliver the quality at its best and this is the idea we have believe in from day one. We invest in the best quality of raw material in Pakistan and try to provide it packaged and safe amongst the most cost effective rates. We do not just believe in putting ourselves out there, our management takes great care in not just selecting the products but bringing them through the quickest and the most effective channels to avoid any undue pricing on the buyer’s end. Our mission hence is simple, to ease the economy of this country to our best efforts and to help its agricultural populace grow as a commodity and as a necessity again.

Supply Chain

Having produced our team from some of the best business schools in the world, we maintain a strict level of excellence over our supply chain given our reach across Pakistan. With the vast array of packaging materials available to us and expected of us, our supply chain adheres to fixed standard of speed and quality with which to provide our consumers. With the increasing, this is the department which is growing numbers which is a note of pride for us. The increase of numbers comes with greater checks on our part however to ensure and confirm that all the rules, standards and the ethics of supply chain are followed ideally.




Our company takes great care in its marketing strategies, ensuring that none of its ads, whilst being well placed and creative cross the ethical barrier. Our department divides into teams that strive to bring the perfect balance between content generation, newspaper ads and media marketing all the while trying to come up with new ways to market our products. Our dynamic working takes our Marketing employees across several places, tracking and interviewing prospective consumers about their needs and expectations of agrarian products. We look to address the need of the market without being exploitative hence why our marketing team spends particular time in ensuring any prospective prices of the products that they imprint on the ads.



Our Company provides the most durable of PP bags to make packages for feeds of various qualities and quantities. The biggest issue for us to address is the weight of the package, for transporting the Feed across distances can often cause damage in package, hence causing damage to the feed itself. Our PP composition takes extra care to be durable for such packages, ensuring not just proper preservation of the Feed but also robustness against unseemly transportation.

Human Resource

Our company always strives to produce the top tier of HR workers to ensure quality dealings in the level of HR. Our tireless efforts, effective training and rigorous discipline helps keep this department at the top notch in quality. The HR Dept provides you with local, personal and professional HR services with up-to-date expertise whenever you require it without breaking the bank.